Silver Inspection Service

A modern, complete NC home inspection and the written report to follow up within three business days, with limited pictures or no pictures.

  • Extra services and comments or advice on non-inspection related matters observed are minimized.
  • This report may be shared with your Realtor for discussion and shown to any repair contractors, but not forwarded to any other parties.
  • The report may not be sent directly to any other party without written permission from Ferguson and Company, in advance.

Your realtor may not include the report or refer directly to it by any direct method:

  • Neither by page, section, picture
  • Not as a resource for direct reference as part of any repair request or negotiations for sale or purchase

However, the report may be used to help you and your Realtor learn about concerns that you may desire to negotiate or address yourself later

  • Repair items
  • Safety concerns
  • All such discoveries must be paraphrased into the Realtor's forms and not used directly.

Reinspection services are at the same price as the initial inspection fee.

This is a good "no-frills" service for:

  • Property investors, companies, or 1031 exchange clients.
  • Those meeting a minimum requirement for inspection by regulation or guideline like your insurance or mortgage company.
  • Those on a budget
  • People who are handy and do not want or need a lot of extra information

This service does not include coverage of any additional subjects

  • Repairs, like cosmetic issues
  • Ideas about improving the property like childproofing, energy improvements, or moisture control.
  • Guidance regarding any observed hazardous materials not governed under NC laws regarding home inspections
    • Radon
    • Smoke and fire damage except as it pertains to structural concerns
    • Asbestos
    • Lead paint
    • Mold
    • Etc.

All added services are at the full, undiscounted rate.

  • Radon testing
  • Water quality sampling for water quality analysis
  • Mold inspections and sampling for lab testing Hazardous materials testing.

This is NOT a good "no-frills" service for

  • Those seeking guidance on an investment who consider this to be one of the largest purchases they may make in a lifetime.
  • Anyone desiring all the information they can gain from an expensive home inspection.
  • People who have questions and will want to discuss on site for more details.
  • Other clients that really want a home inspection that introduces you to the home and familiarizes you with the home at the site and in the report.
  • Those wishing to share the report as part of negotiations to buy or sell