Gold Inspection Service

Includes the Silver Service benefits, PLUS:

  • Detailed pictures and editorial markings of many of the pictures within the written report, to show in detail some of the concerns and observations
  • •Explanations of special features and concerns about the home and its special features.

Clients may follow up the inspection and report with their own correspondence to ask questions regarding questions that arise out of the inspection process.

  • The inspector will work with you, your Realtor, the Seller, or through available MLS resources to access the home, as best possible.
  • Best-effort support for recommendations for contractors we recommend, either by trade/type or specific companies.
  • The ability to really learn about the home and understand the nuances of maintenance

One may gain valuable information about safety concerns beyond the blaring concerns

The report may be referenced directly by your Realtor in repair request documents

  • The full report MUST also be sent to the other party with the repair request prepared by the Realtor or agent if referenced in any repair request
  • The report is not authorized to be sent to anyone else

Services during the inspection process and future services are discounted 15%

  • Radon testing
  • Water quality sampling for water quality analysis
  • Mold inspections and sampling for lab testing
  • Hazardous materials testing.
  • Future home inspections

Reinspection services are $225.00 and up, depending on the issues to re inspect and the documentation required.

This is a good inspection service for:

  • Clients working with a Realtor they really know and trust
  • Families buying a new home with some warranty coverage for intangibles in the first year
  • Anyone who believes themselves savvy as a real estate investor or buyer but who is not handy or intending to manage any repairs yourself
  • Those needing the pictures as reference in negotiations
  • Individuals or groups that are required by their finance company to provide a copy of the inspection for underwriting
  • Those otherwise desiring a "no frills" inspection, but wanting the discount on re inspections or additional services like environmental testing.
  • Projects on a budget, but also needing additional services, testing, or re inspections later

This is NOT a good inspection service for:

  • Those seeking guidance on an investment who consider this to be one of the largest purchases they may make in a lifetime.
  • Anyone desiring all the information they can gain from an expensive home inspection.
  • People who have questions and will want to discuss on site for more details.
  • Other clients that really want a home inspection that introduces you to the home and familiarizes you with the home at the site and in the report.
  • Those wishing to share excerpts the report as part of negotiations to buy or sell
  • Clients with a comfortable budget
  • Anyone relocating “sight unseen”
  • Those desiring the best discount on additional services or re inspections needed
  • Investors who will repeatedly use services and gain a larger discount over time than other options we offer
  • Anyone buying an older home or one without warranty coverage
  • Clients that desire the most peace of mind assurances our services can offer
  • Corporate, Military, or Executive relocations
  • Those wanting all the discoveries they can find during due diligence
  • Clients buying a home with known concerns that may only be the "tip of the iceberg" to be found in repairs or remodeling after purchase