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As a Realtor in the Triangle area and RTP in general, I have seen the work of many home inspectors. Chris and his staff at Ferguson and Company have always exceeded my expectations and those of the clients I have referred to them. They are meticulous without being fussy, and their reports are precise, neat, and ready in a flash! Kudos!

Elizabeth T.

Raleigh, NC

As a woman and an executive, I have very little time for the details, it was refreshing to have an inspector who stuck to the facts, but was professional, detailed, and courteous. The investment made in my inspection has paid me back twice this year in the maintenance tips alone, not to mention getting that front window repaired before it got out of hand- and after I owned the home!

In industry we have a saying: "I manufacturer the worst product around. I am the cheapest around to prove it!" Well, Ferguson and Company was just that cut above the others, but as the saying proves, you get what you pay for and I am glad I invested in my future!

Sherron B.

Chapel Hill, NC

Chris and the team at Ferguson and Company have done it again! As an investor, I can always count on a quick response to my appointment requests, and I can expect a professional to come meet me at the property. The inspectors are well spoken, polite, well dressed, and they are interested in the property and in serving me with good, detailed information.

For most properties, I get a 24 hour turn around on the written report, but I never see a "rush job!" I just do not know how they do it! Do these folks ever sleep?

As a businessman, I am excited to have professionals on my team that often are more dedicated to my business needs than I am myself. It is a luxury I cannot often find in today’s marketplace.

Take the time, invest the money! Selecting a good inspector is like selecting a good defense attorney. You can save a buck now, but soon you may loose a lot more than just money!

Thanks a million… and the next million too!

Kendall B.

Goldsboro, NC

When my daughter finished college and moved to Durham, she bought her first home.  Man, it was difficult to see her go and scary to see her on her own.  I helped her find a home inspector I had known through a volunteer project from some time back.  He told me he would NOT allow his daughter to buy a home without suggesting an inspection, but he never gave me his card or asked me to choose him.  At the time, he did not even ask where she was buying and did not express any interest.

When I called him for a suggestion as an inspector in Durham, turns out he covers that area and he volunteered!  Chris came and looked the home over for us twice during the construction process, and then at the end.  His prices were reasonable, but I was concerned I was wasting the effort...


  • he was able to point out a potential fire hazard in the fireplace installation
  • he pointed out a severe plumbing problem
  • he noted an electrical problem

The builder certainly was not pleased to know we had had a thorough inspector.  "It passed code inspections!", after all...
Later, after the house was completed but before closing, there was a problem with the water and a worker inadvertently left the water on in the upstairs tub overnight!  The resulting disaster required additional repairs, but the builder seemed to think it would only take a day or so.

** Not true, as Chris pointed out on a FREE EMERGENCY INSPECTION visit! **
  • The upstairs flooring had to be replaced, as did the carpet in the hall and one room.
  • The ceiling below had to be ripped out, then the wood was treated with a mildew-cide/fungicide chemical
  • The walls had to be ripped out of the dining room, as did the wall insulation and carpet.
  • This area was also treated.
  • The disaster was left to dry for several days, then all of the repairs were made.

Likely, we would have agreed to the builder's recommendation for repairs if Chris had not pointed out the hazards and referred us to an industrial hygienist and an engineer for the right approach.
My daughter's home and her very health may have been irreparably damaged if not for the diligence of Chris.
God bless you and thank you!


Hickory, NC

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